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Do I Need Three Estimates For My Kitchen Remodeling Project?

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by mimivanderhaven.com on 09/20/2012 – 01:20 pm

Do I need three estimates?

By Brent Moore

Q: How many estimates should I get before moving forward with a home remodeling project?—Alex M., Richfield

A: It’s my opinion that the industry standard dictating that a homeowner get three estimates is flawed. What exactly is the contractor estimating?

Not only is there a vast range of finish materials available, but different finish materials also have different installation costs.

You may have decided that you want “middle of the road” materials. That’s perfect. But how much does a middle of the road faucet cost? Three contractors plus one homeowner equals for different prices. That’s why the standard is flawed.

At Moore Home Remodeling, we feel that until you have a design and a list of the exact materials you want to use, it is impossible to get an accurate estimate.

A contractor needs to know a great deal about the details of your project in order to price a job correctly. We believe a better approach starts with a phone call to our office. It’s an opportunity for us to gain valuable information about your project and guide you at the same time.

We can then set up a free consultation for us to see the area you want to remodel. We can discuss a price range after this consultation. But only after the next step—the design phase—can we accurately give you a quote or estimate.

The design phase puts your ideas onto paper and gives us the ability to price materials to be used. We prefer to design to an amount the owner wants to invest. It’s the best way for us to provide the biggest bang for the buck.

A low price, whether estimated or actual, does not determine whether or not you can have trust and peace of mind. Ask for references and unbiased reviews of previous work. How long has the company been in business? What is the planning process? Transparency in all these areas develops mutual trust and, in the end, happy homeowners.

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