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Brent Moore and the team at Moore Home Remodeling created this streamlined kitchen for one Bay Village homeowner. Crucial to the project was advanced planning and good design.Published: 08/14/2012

by Beth Newcomb in Mimi Vanderhaven Pub

You’ve decided to go ahead and have your kitchen renovated, but the excitement of the project is dampened by two little glitches.

Who’s going to design it, and, who’s going to do the work?

It’s not an insurmountable challenge to hire a remodeling professional. But it’s trickier to find a professional who understands the design behind the finished project and then has at his disposal a team of trusted tradesmen who enter and exit your project like a well-choreographed dance troupe.

Brent Moore, owner of Moore Home Remodeling, says that hiring a design build firm is crucial to getting the result you’re looking for.

“So many homeowners decide to do a remodel and then go out for bids. We tell them we can’t give them a realistic bid without doing the design first,” Brent explains. “It’s nearly impossible to know what a project is going to cost before the homeowner picks out the tile, countertops, cabinetry and flooring. And you can’t pick out your materials without a terrific design. Everything works together, and by including the design as an integral part of the process, I find that my clients are happier and make fewer changes as the project moves on. There are also fewer budgetary surprises.”

“It might seem contradictory, but you don’t really want an estimate,” he continues. “Your project isn’t just about the number. Naturally everyone has a budget, but the best way to plan a project is to create a design by considering your goals for aesthetics, function and investment. Then we can tweak it and help you make selections that work within your budget to achieve the look and feel you desire.”

Diana Phillips helps to guide clients through the myriad of product choices. For additions, in-house residential designer Brian is there every step the way.

“Brian is so thorough and is an expert at designing additions,” Brent relates. “Our clients love that he is there for them when decisions need to be made.”

Here’s how to have Moore Home Remodeling get started on your project:
1) The process starts when you call. The MHR team begins gathering relevant information, making suggestions, and educating homeowners from the very first call.

2) Then, after a complimentary, professional consultation, they’re better able to determine if the project will fit within the desired investment amount and a cost range is developed.

3) Now comes the design phase. The team will create a plan that matches your vision. They’ll even craft a 3-D computer generated visual so you can really experience the look of your new space. During this phase, you will also make your selections and nail down the project cost—a crucial step toward preventing surprises in the end.

4) Once all of the selections have been made and the numbers have been tallied, you’ll sign a contract and the work begins.

“We like to think that we’re ahead of the curve,” Brent smiles. “Things have changed and people are more conscious than ever of who they’re doing business with. They are less inclined to spend their money on garbage. That’s worked out  ell for us. Since 95% of our work is custom, our clients get exactly what they want. We’re not trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. We’re making the peg and the hole to match perfectly for you.”

Brent provides his clients with access to quality products, like the Haas line of cabinets. “The Haas family has been in business for three generations,” he explains.

“Haas cabinets are very competitively priced, offer exceptional quality, and allow for a number of upgrades that would cost extra in other cabinet brands.,” Brent continues. “Our clients really love them.”

Brent says that in order to get your project completed in time for the holidays, now is the time to call. “A busy contractor is a good contractor, and we’re busy,” he smiles. “I think that says a lot about the quality of what we do.”

You can learn more about the difference a design-build firm like Moore Home Remodeling can offer by calling Brent Moore at 440-941-4MHR (4647). The web address is http://www.MooreRemodeling.com.

The Power of Proper Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation Planning

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by mimivanderhaven.com on 12/11/2012 – 05:07 pm

The Power of Proper Planning

Design Kitchen Layout

Plan and Design Kitchen with Best Cabinet Layout

By Brent Moore

Q: We are considering an addition instead of buying a new home. How long does your design phase take?—Tiffany M., Bay Village

A: Great question. Many people are choosing to stay in their current homes because they like their neighbors, location, schools, and more. Today, it often makes more sense to make your current home your dream home.

The design time frame varies from one home to another because each is so different. Remodeling—including additions—is completely custom work. At Moore Home Remodeling, we aim to create a concept three to four weeks after an initial meeting.

We will come up with a few ideas that sometimes merge to or inspire the approved design. We will use this first phase design to put together an estimated cost to build. The plan is not quite ready, but it is enough for us to gather estimates.

Once all that is complete and the estimated cost approved, we go into the second phase where the plan details are added and the appropriate team pulled together to build it. A proposal to build is created and signed and then plans are submitted to the city for necessary permits.

Keep in mind that the time frame can be more or less based on how large the project is and how quickly you make your decisions/selections. We can often have additions/modifications ready in as little as three weeks, with some whole-house remodels—that include additions—that have taken considerably longer.

I always suggest getting started sooner rather than later. We don’t advise rushing the planning phase to meet a start time as it creates opportunities for regret. We are currently working with homeowners who hope to begin projects soon after the holidays and others who are looking at spring as a goal building date.

Now is a perfect time to call for a free consultation. That way you’ll have plenty of time to get started on a plan that works for you before our schedule fills for the season.

You can learn more about the difference a design-build firm like Moore Home Remodeling can offer by calling Brent Moore at 440-941-4MHR (4647)

. The web address is www.MooreRemodeling.com.

Moore Home Remodeling on MimiVTV

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Northeast Ohio Cabinet Dealer. Call for Contractor Pricing

Moore Home Remodeling with Brent Moore. Haas Cabinet Dealer for Homeowners, Do-it-youself, and Contractor Remodelers

Buying the “Right” Cabinet

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By Brent Moore, Mimi Vanderhaven Pub

Q: We’re considering new cabinetry for our kitchen and new vanities for the baths. How can we be sure we’re getting the most for our money?—Will C., Westlake

A: When it comes to cabinetry, quality costs—and it counts. Depending upon your needs, and your budget, different options or features may or may not make sense for you. It’s important to know if you plan to remain in your home for several years or if you’ll be selling in the near future; that could affect some of your choices. You’ll also want to consider the usage a particular room is getting. That may also impact the quality you consider.

If your budget can accommodate a “great” cabinet as opposed to a “good” one, it’s always best to spend a little more up front in order to reap the rewards of better quality for years to come. We at Moore Home Remodeling can help you determine how far up or down the quality and design ladder you should go to make sure you get everything you’re looking for.

Here are some of the features that can affect the cost of a cabinet or vanity:

Construction – How is the cabinet put together? Does it feature a cam-lock assembly, glue and fasteners, or pocket screws?
Materials – Is the cabinet made of solid plywood or particleboard?
Hinge Hardware – Are the closures steel soft-close with full extension, or are they the coated roller style?
Finish – Is the finish a paint or stain?
Interior Accessories – Do you want a pull-out trash bin and/or shelving?
Style – Will you be sticking with the simple, stock designs or opting for more designer-like features, such as inset doors or an aged look?
Cost – Will your cabinets be oak, cherry, or maple? Certain wood species cost more.

These are just some of the factors to consider, but there are many others. Give us a call and we can help you devise a wish list of wants and must-haves to determine which cabinet type is right for your project.

You can learn more about the difference a design-build firm like Moore Home Remodeling can offer by calling Brent Moore at 440-941-4MHR (4647). The web address is www.MooreRemodeling.com.

Bay Village Whole House Renovation Testimonial

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Moore Home Remodeling – HGExpo

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Moore Home Remodeling Ask the Expert – How to Start a Home Renovation Project

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Moore Home Remodeling’s Home Design Consultant, Diana Phillips, explains the first steps in starting a home renovation project. Ask the Experts by Moore Home Remodeling provides professional knowledge in home remodeling industry to help you make smart choices for your next remodeling project.

What Goes Into a Good Kitchen Design when Remodeling?

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Ask the Expert
mimivanderhaven.com on 11/12/2012 – 01:57 pm

What Goes Into a Good Design?

By Brent Moore

Q: I have a tight budget. Can an MHR project design provide a cost estimate?—Darlene C., Rocky River

A: At Moore Home Remodeling, we’re all about what works best for our clients. Part of that includes careful planning for any project and a solid design. In fact, it is a crucial part of the entire project.

It is always our goal to provide our clients with as much control over their investments as possible, something that’s difficult to do if you don’t have a good understanding of the costs associated with your project and how the design plays a role in that.

For a remodeling project, we create a proposal, based on the design/layout that has allowances for finish items or, whenever possible, we assist our clients in making those finish item selections for even more accurate estimating. We hate surprises as much as our homeowners do and try to avoid them whenever possible.

For larger projects that require blueprints, we have a two-phase process that helps to minimize your investment. Phase one includes drawings and accurate estimating. During phase two, much more is required by the city you live in for construction. That’s where the documents come in. We don’t believe you should have to pay for documents you may not submit while you’re still exploring your design.

Before you commit to any project with a design/build firm, there are important questions to ask that will determine the cost of your design:

• Can the city use the design for approval?
• Can you get accurate material costs from it?
• Will it fit your space without further cost for customization?
• Who does the design belong to after it’s created?
• Does it meet all of your design goals?

A great number of man-hours go into a design with MHR. All remodeling work is completely custom and we never put your name on another client’s project design. To find out how we can create a customized plan that will meet your needs, give us a call and we’ll go over the process with you in greater detail.

You can learn more about the difference a design-build firm like Moore Home Remodeling can offer by calling Brent Moore at 440-941-4MHR (4647). The web address is www.MooreRemodeling.com.

Why Are My Kitchen Remodeling Estimates Different?

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by mimivanderhaven.com on 10/16/2012 – 04:23 pm

Why Are My Estimates Different?

By Brent Moore

Q: My three kitchen remodel estimates are all so different. Am I talking to the right type of contractors?—Sharon P., Strongsville

A: There are many possible reasons the estimates are so different. One could be that the contractors did not bid the same exact work. Each may have brought up a new issue or idea that had not been previously discussed. Also, each one may have given his best “guess” as to what your kitchen would cost if the finish items had not yet been selected. Additionally, you may have estimates from different types of contractors.

Many people will hire a carpenter to install their hardwood floors, or a plumber to install a new faucet. But if you’re remodeling an entire room, or are adding space to your home, you’ll need to hire a general contractor, especially if you don’t have the time or inclination to orchestrate all the moving parts of such a large project.

Inexperience can lead to confusion, delays, costly mistakes, and, in the end, an unprofessional finished product. This will add cost and unnecessary frustration to a remodeling project for the homeowner. It takes time and experience to make it all come together like a well-oiled machine. Even then the unknowns have to be managed.

Moore Home Remodeling is a design and build contractor. We start with a design that you help to create based on your goals for function and the overall look and feel you want. We educate you about the process and materials, then we pull together all the trades and material suppliers we have professional relationships and preferred partnerships with to build an accurate cost estimate for the project. We make sure permits get pulled and inspections take place, and the job flows in a time and cost-effective way. All of this helps to eliminate the confusion of three estimates when you don’t have a plan in place.

Give us a call when you’re ready to get started. We’ll help guide you through the process so that you understand exactly what’s happening, every step of the way.

You can learn more about the difference a design-build firm like Moore Home Remodeling can offer by calling Brent Moore at 440-941-4MHR (4647). The web address is www.MooreRemodeling.com.

Do I Need Three Estimates For My Kitchen Remodeling Project?

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by mimivanderhaven.com on 09/20/2012 – 01:20 pm

Do I need three estimates?

By Brent Moore

Q: How many estimates should I get before moving forward with a home remodeling project?—Alex M., Richfield

A: It’s my opinion that the industry standard dictating that a homeowner get three estimates is flawed. What exactly is the contractor estimating?

Not only is there a vast range of finish materials available, but different finish materials also have different installation costs.

You may have decided that you want “middle of the road” materials. That’s perfect. But how much does a middle of the road faucet cost? Three contractors plus one homeowner equals for different prices. That’s why the standard is flawed.

At Moore Home Remodeling, we feel that until you have a design and a list of the exact materials you want to use, it is impossible to get an accurate estimate.

A contractor needs to know a great deal about the details of your project in order to price a job correctly. We believe a better approach starts with a phone call to our office. It’s an opportunity for us to gain valuable information about your project and guide you at the same time.

We can then set up a free consultation for us to see the area you want to remodel. We can discuss a price range after this consultation. But only after the next step—the design phase—can we accurately give you a quote or estimate.

The design phase puts your ideas onto paper and gives us the ability to price materials to be used. We prefer to design to an amount the owner wants to invest. It’s the best way for us to provide the biggest bang for the buck.

A low price, whether estimated or actual, does not determine whether or not you can have trust and peace of mind. Ask for references and unbiased reviews of previous work. How long has the company been in business? What is the planning process? Transparency in all these areas develops mutual trust and, in the end, happy homeowners.

You can learn more about the difference a design-build firm like Moore Home Remodeling can offer by calling Brent Moore at 440-941-4MHR (4647). The web address is www.MooreRemodeling.com.