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The Power of Proper Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation Planning

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by mimivanderhaven.com on 12/11/2012 – 05:07 pm

The Power of Proper Planning

Design Kitchen Layout

Plan and Design Kitchen with Best Cabinet Layout

By Brent Moore

Q: We are considering an addition instead of buying a new home. How long does your design phase take?—Tiffany M., Bay Village

A: Great question. Many people are choosing to stay in their current homes because they like their neighbors, location, schools, and more. Today, it often makes more sense to make your current home your dream home.

The design time frame varies from one home to another because each is so different. Remodeling—including additions—is completely custom work. At Moore Home Remodeling, we aim to create a concept three to four weeks after an initial meeting.

We will come up with a few ideas that sometimes merge to or inspire the approved design. We will use this first phase design to put together an estimated cost to build. The plan is not quite ready, but it is enough for us to gather estimates.

Once all that is complete and the estimated cost approved, we go into the second phase where the plan details are added and the appropriate team pulled together to build it. A proposal to build is created and signed and then plans are submitted to the city for necessary permits.

Keep in mind that the time frame can be more or less based on how large the project is and how quickly you make your decisions/selections. We can often have additions/modifications ready in as little as three weeks, with some whole-house remodels—that include additions—that have taken considerably longer.

I always suggest getting started sooner rather than later. We don’t advise rushing the planning phase to meet a start time as it creates opportunities for regret. We are currently working with homeowners who hope to begin projects soon after the holidays and others who are looking at spring as a goal building date.

Now is a perfect time to call for a free consultation. That way you’ll have plenty of time to get started on a plan that works for you before our schedule fills for the season.

You can learn more about the difference a design-build firm like Moore Home Remodeling can offer by calling Brent Moore at 440-941-4MHR (4647)

. The web address is www.MooreRemodeling.com.

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