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The Showroom Comes to You!

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Kitchen Cabinet ShowroomImage

After more than 15 years in the design/build industry, Brent Moore, founder of Moore Home remodeling has perfected the art of helping clients make dramatic kitchen improvements on a realistic budget. Photos by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio.

Published: 09/23/2010
by Beth New comb in Mimi Vanderhaven Pub.

Door-to-door brush salesmen, makeup, vacuums, and even food. Remember when we associated exceptional service and quality with an in-home experience? It was better when someone brought the thing we wanted to buy into our homes for us to see and experience.
Brent Moore, owner of Moore Home Remodeling, is on a one-man mission to bring back the kind of service that largely seems to have gone by the wayside.
Instead of expecting his clients to visit a show room with magazine clippings, photos and blueprints of the kitchens and bathrooms they envision for their homes, he’s bringing the showroom to them.
“How can I really understand what my clients are talking about changing if I haven’t seen what it is that they don’t like?” he asks.
Moore Home Remodeling specializes in updating and replacing kitchens and bathrooms of all price points and degrees of complexity.
“We build the project around your budget,” Brent stresses. “Because we’re a full service design/build company, we can handle everything from a simple cabinet re-Imaging to a complete tear-out and remodel.”
Re-Imaging is Moore Home Remodeling’s proprietary method of making outdated cabinets fresh and relevant again.
“You might be happy with your cabinets but no longer with the finish,” Brent says. “We can apply a new coating in a different premium-grade color or finish that can dramatically change the look of the cabinetry yet still with stand the rigors of everyday use.”
Another option is a partial re-Imaging.
“With a partial re-Imaging, w e can change the doors out but leave the existing cabinets in place,” he explains. “The doors w e use are real wood, not the cheap stuff.”
If you want your kitchen reconfigured using some of your existing cabinets while incorporating new ones, Brent and his team can integrate
quality cabinets in the sizes you need while matching door fronts on all cabinets to make them blend seamlessly.
“We offer a ton of flexibility,” he assures. “And because we’re right there in our client’s home, it’s so much easier to offer ideas and suggestions for what might work—and what won’t.”
If a complete kitchen remodel is in the plan, Moore Home Remodeling offers clients direct access to the exquisite Haas line of cabinetry and components, as well as premium finishes like granite, hardwood flooring, and more.
“Haas is an American company and all of its products are manufactured in the United States,” he notes. “There’s been an interest in cabinetry that comes from overseas, but that’s a disaster waiting to happen. There’s no way to determine the quality of the wood or the finishes. With Haas, you know you’re getting a top-of-the-line cabinet at a remarkable price. Haas offers semi-customization for a fraction of full customization, and there is no charge for upgrades like special door edges [and 3 or 5 piece drawer fronts].”
Instead of passing the expense of a big show room on to his clients, Brent passes on the savings of not having one. But if you must leave the comfort of your home, he does have partnerships throughout Northeast Ohio with product retailers who carry items like plumbing and lighting that you can pick from.
“We use the same design software that the box stores use,” Brent says.“Before my team and I remove a single screw , you’ll know exactly what the finished project will look like.”

“We only do the job if we can do it the right way,” he marvels. Moore Home Remodeling has received [many] accolades and awards for general remodeling and kitchen and bath remodeling —they must be doing things the right way.
Moore Home Remodeling has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. To reach Brent Moore, call 440-941-4MHR(4647). To learn more, visit http://www.MooreRemodeling.com.


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